Our Quality Policy

To provide catering services of the highest quality and reliability to our customers leading to complete customer satisfaction.

We achieve this by:

  • Employing highly skilled and competent staff.
  • Regularly conducting workshops on safe food handling techniques.
  • Giving employees disposable caps, gloves, uniforms, safety shoes.
  • Strict checking for personal cleanliness and appearances.
  • Conducting regular medical check-ups of all personnel.
  • Sourcing good quality raw materials from proven vendors.
  • Regular cleaning and sorting of raw materials.
  • Following industry norms cleaning methods.
  • Using food grade steel equipment's and machines for pre-preparation and cooking to reduce human touch.
  • Using steam boilers and double jacketed tilting cookers for all boiling and steaming.
  • Using food grade steel tubs and enclosed vans for transportation of food to client sites.
  • Segregating washing and store areas to reduce cross contamination.
  • Conducting regular testing of water, raw materials and cooked food samples.
  • Using good quality products for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Maintaining regular cleaning and disinfecting schedules.
  • Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment's.
  • Using softener and RO systems to generate potable water for cooking and washing.
  • Maintaining regular pest control schedules.
  • Maintaining u-v fly catchers.
  • Maintaining septic water tanks and toilets well outside main kitchen areas.
  • 24 hrs CCTV surveillance of kitchen areas.
  • Maintaining regular garbage pickup schedules, segregation of dry and wet waste and regular clearing of wastes from the kitchen areas.