In-House Bakery

NCS has launched its own bakery unit as part of our catering services. We now produce excellent quality, wholesome and nutritious bakery products such as the following:

  • White/ whole-wheat/ multigrain breads, pav, pizza bases, burger buns etc.
  • Puff pastry.
  • Baked Samosa.
  • Muffins, slice cake, pastry, doughnuts.
  • Cream and Fondant cakes.
  • Oat, Ragi, Butter, Milk cookies and biscuits.
  • Custard, puddings, mousse.
  • Quiches, fruit tarts, savory tarts.
    And many more....

And since the products are baked by our own team using whole wheat, ragi, oats etc parents/ clients/students need not worry about unhealthy junk foods. We do not use any kind of chemical preservatives or taste enhancers and artificial coloring that is normally used in branded products to increase its shelf life.

Parents who are into baking are most welcome to share their recipes with us and help us create and add innovative items on our menu.